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FAQ: Do I need a public adjuster?

what is a public adjuster?

A Public Adjuster (PA) represents you and your interests when you have an insurance claim on your business or home. The PA works for you, not the insurance company. PA’s put together the details for and assign dollar values to the claim on your behalf, ensuring that every dollar is captured in the claim.

why is it better to get a pa involved at the beginning of the claims process?

A PA will control the direction of the claim and develop strategies with you to maximize your pay-out. If a PA is involved at the beginning, control of the process remains with you rather than the insurance company. You can bring in a PA late in the game, but that is similar to going to trial without a lawyer. Once you lose, you can bring in a lawyer, but it is a much different situation.

why can’t I handle it myself?

If you are not experienced in the intricacies of insurance policies, this could be very expensive “on the job” training! Most people, when they go to court for example, would find it unthinkable not to have an attorney present. Most people have an accountant or CPA handle their tax matters. Insurance claims are every bit as complex. Quite often, not understanding the policy language completely or not applying the coverage’s properly results in costly errors.

i have a contractor, why do i need a public adjuster?

Because they are not licensed to review Insurance Policies or negotiate legally on your behalf. A contractor
can be fined and penalized and in most cases is ignored by the insurance company.

why can’t i wait for the insurance company to make an offer and see if there are problems?

The fact that the insurance company offers you a large sum of money does not mean you are receiving everything you are entitled to under the policy. Most people do not have the knowledge of insurance policies to know if all coverage’s have been applied appropriately. You could easily walk away from a large amount of money you didn’t know was yours.

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