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don’t settle for less

paramount adjusters can help you get more


Did you know you may be eligible to receive more money than your insurance company thinks?

The property loss claims process isn’t always user-friendly for policyholders and if you don’t have the experience with such claims or property damage, you may not know if there are still damages that need addressed or if you’re eligible to receive a larger settlement.

When you’re ready to settle your property claim, you may be entitled to more money than you or your insurance company think.


  • Lacking expertise: This may be something you’ve never had to deal with, so you’re not familiar with the process, or simply don’t know where to start. Let Paramount Adjusters be the guiding hand.
  • Not understanding the policy: Insurance companies could use this to their advantage when offering a settlement. We will review the policy with you before moving onto the claims process.
  • No time to deal with the demands of the insurance company: Insurance companies can prove to be a pain sometimes when they know it’s a complicated situation. Consistently pressing on your pain points and making you jump through hoops will get you to want to make it stop as fast as possible, settling for less.
  • Insurance company offers a quick payoff: Every situation is different, don’t let insurance companies tell you how much you’re entitled to without actually seeing your claim in detail. While some quick settlements may seem nice, you’re allowed to take the full amount of time allowed to fully assess your losses and review your insurance company’s offer.
  • Insurance company delays the claim process: You DO have a specific time frame with settling a claim. If the insurance company is prolonging as long as they can, you could lose out on all to which you’re entitled.
  • Extensive damage: It takes a lot of research, inspection and documentation to be able to settle a property loss insurance claim. If you have a lot of damage, it’s important you don’t receive the same standard settlement.
  • Insurance company advises not to hire a public adjuster: This alone should be a red flag.

Benefits of Hiring an Adjuster

When you work with a public adjuster, you work with an expert who makes it their business to ensure that you receive the largest settlement possible and fully recover. Other benefits that public adjusters offer include:

  • Advocates who are on your side: A public adjuster only works for you, not the insurance company. This means that he’ll advocate for you and promote your best interests. He’ll also take the time to review your insurance policy with you so know exactly what’s covered and what’s not.
  • Industry expertise: Public adjusters have experience working for insurance companies, so they know exactly how to handle a claim to maximize your benefits and avoid costly mistakes.
  • Time savings: Insurance adjusters generally work during regular business hours. With family and work, business hours may be the most inconvenient to handle a claim. A public adjuster acts on your behalf during the claims process—during business hours—so you can focus on your own life.
  • Faster claim settlements: After experiencing a loss, you have limited time to file a claim and accept a settlement. Your public adjuster will make sure that your claim does not get shuffled to the bottom of your insurance company’s list of priorities.
  • Ensure full recovery: When your property receives damage, there may be hidden losses that an insurance adjuster may miss. A public adjuster will make sure that your insurance company covers every applicable damage to ensure a complete recovery after experiencing a loss.
  • Settlement negotiations: It is normal for insurance companies to offer claim settlements that are too low. Since a public adjuster works on your behalf, he will negotiate the settlement amount so you receive the amount promised in your insurance policy and make a full recovery.