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What is Fire Damage?

Fire damage is some of the worst damage a structure can face. From the flames themselves to the smoke and fumes. Fire damage can wreak havoc on a structure and even a small fire can cause major damage.

Fire can not only destroy the contents of a building but can also damage the structure which can cause repairs and recovery to take even longer, or in the worst case cause the building to be condemned and have to be torn down. This can further delay the recovery process if your home or business has to be rebuilt from scratch.


Smoke has the ability to penetrate remote areas of a building if only parts of it burned, causing damage that isn’t visible or immediately apparent. This makes it very difficult to find the final extent of the damages and can take days or weeks to find and catalog all of the damages.


We can help speed up the recovery process

Days following fire damage to a home or business can be stressful, confusing and full of quick decisions you’re not ready to make. We feel your desperation to recover and get back to sharing loving memories in your home and doing business at the office.

We specialize in handling fire damage and will guide you through the steps to recovery. We will help you handle everything from the fire investigation to evaluating and cataloging all the losses from the fire. Working with your insurance company, we will make sure that you are reimbursed for everything you are entitled to as per your insurance policy.

Paramount adjusters wants you to get back into your home and business as fast as possible.

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