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Storms bring some of the most major and dramatic damage to structures. From wind to hail to water, even a minor storm can cause massive and expensive damage to a building or home. Paramount Adjusters will be there for you when the storm passes to help you rebuild.

Wind Damage

Don’t be fooled, just because a storm is not a hurricane doesn’t mean that it can’t cause damage. Even a small storm with gale force winds can send debris flying into your home or business. Stronger winds can even cause damage directly, often breaking windows and tearing off roofs. Without proper structure and protection, these winds can be devastating to homes and businesses.

Winds can contain both negative and positive pressure. When they interact with a pressurized building (your home or business), the winds can increase the internal pressure inside, which pushes on the roof and walls. If the wind’s suction is strong enough, your roof and walls will breach, leaving your property exposed to further damage.

Recovering from a storm such as hail or wind damage can be stressful. Don’t let just any public adjuster try and help, Paramount Adjusters will make the process smooth and stress-free.

Hail Damage

Property damage caused by hail can vary, depending on the severity and magnitude of the storm itself. Sometimes the hail damage is easy to detect and other times it’s not so easily seen.

Either way, it can lead to costly repairs to your house’s roof and siding. Hail can create soft spots in asphalt shingles, which usually ISN’T COVERED in the manufacturer’s warranty. It can also lead to exposure to other elements and further damage.

Whether it’s your home or your business, consider protecting your property from hail damage by being prepared and fortifying the surrounding area.

  • Consider your roof: Is your roof outdated? Has it been a while since you’ve replaced or repaired your roof? What type of material is your roof made of? Metal roofs are very susceptible to hail damage. Even though the damage may only look cosmetic, in reality it can also adversely affect the ability to functionally shed water and may accelerate deterioration.
  • Consider your windows: Do you have shutters, window coverings, blinds or even drapes? All these will help keep you and your windows safe from hail damage.
  • Consider your trees: Do you trim your trees? Keeping them maintained may help prevent branches from being knocked loose by large hail and causing further damage.

We can help speed up the recovery process

Whether the property damage is in your home or business, after you file a wind or hail damage claim, it can take up to two days to hear from your insurance company.

At Paramount Adjusters, we understand that acting promptly is essential to both your home and business. We will be there to start the process of repair and to help cover and temporarily patch any buildings that have suffered damage. This will mitigate any further damage by more wind and water penetrating through the damaged areas of the structure.

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