How to Prepare Your Business for Potential Winter Storm Damage in Texas

Prep Your Business for a Winter Storm in Texas_Paramount Adjusters

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The Gulf Coast area experiences milder winter weather than the rest of the country, but strong gusts and high winds are often experienced in Texas as cold fronts approach this zone. Winter Storm Benji was experienced in parts of the South in early December. According to the Weather Channel, the storm brought record-setting snowfall in the South, with some areas reporting up to 5 inches of snow in Texas.

Winter storms can down power lines, topple trees, and cause extensive damages to office complexes, restaurants, businesses, and retail centers. Severe winter weather can also lead to possible business closures and employee illness or injury. In this article, we look at how to prepare your business for potential winter storm damage in Texas.

Inspect Business Structures

You need to inspect your business’s doors, windows, roof, drainage systems, heating system, water pipes, and electrical connections to make necessary repairs before the occurrence of a windstorm. If there are trees outside the building, pruning should be done to prevent possible damages from toppled trees or branches falling onto the building. Proactive maintenance can help avoid costly repairs and even business closure.

Store Business Property Securely

When inventory, outdoor furniture, raw materials, tools, and equipment are left unsecured outside, they pose a great danger to company employees and structures in case of a strong windstorm. As a business owner, you should secure all outdoor materials and property to prevent worker injuries and major property damages.

Develop a Business Continuity Plan

To keep your business running as smoothly as possible, you need to identify the types of risks that may occur and how you will respond. This should include steps that you’ll take to ensure that your vendors, contractors, clients, and employees know what is happening and what they should expect. Have an up-to-date list of phone numbers and email addresses for employees and all those involved in your business. Let the public know that you are still in business.

A winter storm may hinder your employees from making it to work and as such, it would be imperative to consider telework options until things return to normal. Also, be prepared for power outages and have an emergency power backup. Protect electronic equipment with surge protectors.

With this Texas storm survival guide on how to prepare for a winter storm, you should remember that it’s your duty to mitigate losses and preparing now will help prevent or even minimize the amount of damage your business incurs in the event of an adverse winter storm. If your business suffers damages from a Texas winter storm, you can rely on the knowledgeable and friendly team at Paramount Adjusters to help you file your winter storm damage insurance claim. Contact a winter storm damage claims adjuster at Paramount Adjusters today at (888) 880-1609 for a no obligation, free inspection and claim review.

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