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looking to maximize your insurance settlement?



Commercial & Residential Public Adjusters

Whether you’ve suffered a property insurance loss from a fire, water, storm, or any other disaster, understanding your options should be the most important step after filing an insurance claim.

A Public Adjuster may be your best option to protect your interests and achieve the best outcome for your property loss.


We are Licensed Public Adjusters

  • Has your Insurance Company NOT cooperated and/or treated you fairly in settling your claim?
  • Do you think your claim is underpaid or wrongfully denied?
  • Do you know what your insurance claim is really worth?
  • Is your Insurance Company in control of your insurance claim or do you have control?

paramount adjusters is ready to help you with:

Commercial Property Insurance

A storm, fire or other disaster can devastate a business. It can be difficult to navigate the insurance claims process and even harder to get your operations back up and running.

Paramount Public Adjusters is on your side. We work for you, not your insurance company. From the initial claim evaluation and assessment to the final claims process, we will be there for you. By working with your insurance company, we make sure you get the best possible recovery on your insurance claim that you are entitled to.


Home Insurance Claim Help

As you are trying to rebuild your home and get back to normal, there is little time for learning the ins and outs of insurance claims, to ensure you’re not settling for less than what you’re entitled to.

Unlike the adjusters that work for the insurance company, we only work for you, the policyholder. We work to protect your interests so you’ll receive the largest insurance settlement possible.


What our client’s say

“We at first hired our own estimators and engineers to do a damage assessment. The insurance company originally offered us…about $200,000, we thought that was totally unfair. We have now received over $4,500,000 and we expect another $2,500,000 before the job is done.”


“Our 42 condo units had suffered wind & water damage, the entire complex received new roofs and our interior units were repaired, all through our insurance coverage. Paramount Insurance Adjusters handled the entire claim and went to bat with our insurance company. The insurance company covered all the costs of the repairs and our buildings look fantastic! Thank you Paramount.”

They take all that pain out of getting things back to normal. Them dealing with the insurance companies puts us at ease because they do such a wonderful job, I step out of the way and just enjoy it!
It was in April of 2016 when I returned from my plant in India. I noticed that a section of our roof at our Steel Processing Facility had a “Bowed” look to it. So I called our roofing contractor and asked him to come over and take a look at it. Within an hour or two he came to my office and said “Tony, this is too big of a job for us and it could be you have more damage than I can see. I didn’t hesitate to call Wade Tutt of PARAMOUNT ADJUSTERS. It didn’t take long, within a few hours Wade was at our facility!

I know steel,  I’m not a roofing expert, but one thing is for sure Wade Tutt & Paramount Adjusters sure are.

Within a few weeks he had experts analyzing our situation, what a relief it was knowing I had the best working for us. I saw advantages right away, after my initial call to our agent, Paramount Adjusters handled everything else. I could do what I do best keep my operations moving on both sides of the planet!

From quotes to negotiating with our insurance company I knew what was happening without the headaches. Within months the biggest problem was completed and Paramount Adjusters was handing us an initial payment of over $1,000,000.00 and still working for us for final payment from the Insurance Company!

Imagine all this and our operations kept rolling! For us there’s only one call to make when disaster hits – Paramount Adjusters!


Why hire a Paramount Public Adjuster?

Insurance companies and the adjusters who work for them aren’t always looking out for your best interest. When you file a claim, their main goal is to still remain profitable by sometimes offering the minimum payout possible.

When you work with a public adjuster, you work with an independent expert who makes it their business to ensure that you receive the largest settlement possible and fully recover after a disaster. Paramount Adjusters have some of the most experienced claims adjusters in the industry, ready to take on your commercial or residential claim.

Call us today on (800) 593-2452 to see how we can maximize your claim.